Thursday, July 18, 2013

Name Brand Coffee

You know the good stuff when you drink it – it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is trying to pass off house brand or generic coffee instead of a good quality name brand brew. It’s easy to understand why folks would be tempted to go with the cheap stuff because coffee can get expensive but when you have a pod coffee maker you can afford to drink the good stuff. Enjoy donut shop and Starbucks® K-Cup® style coffee along with other name brands like Gloria Jean’s® and Green Mountain® for just pennies a cup – it’s easy with an on demand brewing system
On demand or single serve brewing systems make coffee one cup at a time which is basically how you drink coffee. This means there is no waste because you only brew what you plan to drink and not a drop more. If you think about it for a minute you probably dump out a cup or more of coffee from the coffee pot before you clean it and that’s just pouring money down the drain. With an on demand brewer there isn’t even a coffee pot to clean because it brews directly into your cup, glass or mug.

To make coffee you use individual coffee pods which are pre-measured single portion coffee packets that are individually sealed so the coffee is always fresh. There are many different formats so it’s best to go with a popular one that fits in your machine so you are always assured of a ready supply of coffee options. The K-Cup® pods and holder are your best bet but there are other formats as well. Not all coffee pods are compatible with every make and model of on demand coffee maker so make sure to check before you buy.


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