Thursday, November 21, 2013


Seven on 7th, the youngest and the latest in modern European dining located in BGC’s newly constructed commercial strip Forum South Global at 7th Avenue has recently opened, amplifying the city’s vibrant milieu of dining destinations.
Vamping up the city’s already bustling lifestyle, Seven on 7th is poised to be one of the city’s go-to place for high quality casual dining.  The restaurant is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs who have different taste palettes when it comes to food but have collaborated to unify their differences to produce a unique set of menu based on the best of what they have discovered eating from across the country and other parts of the globe.
Seven on 7th’s kitchen is helmed by the talented Chef Jay Rollan who graduated as one of the top students among their batch and eventually became a Faculty Assistant at the world renowned ISCAHM (International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management).  Along with Chef Jay in the kitchen are equally creative talents who have also graduated from ISCAHM with honors.  Together, they give a fresh twist to familiar dishes and have created their own set of original recipes for soup, pasta, meat, seafood and dessert.  Chef Jay’s area of specialization includes Hot and Cold Kitchen Preparations, Menu Conceptualization and Development, Catering Operations and Kitchen Staff Training.  
Likewise, he also serves as consultant to some of the country’s premiere dining destinations.  Sharing his knowledge and passion of the culinary world and hotel management, Chef Jay has also graced and continues to be a resource speaker in various seminars for students nationwide. He has also appeared in GMA-7’s The Sweet Life Valentines Special way back in 2009. 
Aspiring further for that feel-good dining experience,  Seven on 7th have also ensured thorough training for the crew whom they have also supervised personally to ensure they also offer the best in customer service.
Join their growing online community on Facebook - Seven on 7th ( and Instagram @sevenon7th for the latest daily, weekly and monthly offerings and promos.   You may also get in touch with them for reservation (lunch and dinner) at these numbers:  +63 917-8409876  and +63 917 577 2720

Seven on 7th is open Tuesday – Sunday starting 11:00am until 10:00pm.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Last Monday (November 18, 2013), we got the chance to join the staff of Yoshinoya Restaurant in Glorietta 1, Makati City in welcoming some of the Miss Earth 2013 delegates. 

Shown in the above picture (L-R) are Misses Guadeloupe, India and China. 

Guadeloupe is a group of Caribbean islands. It is sometimes known as the Butterfly Island because of the shape of two of its major islands. It is an integral part of France.

You will notice that Miss Guadeloupe did not use chopsticks. She preferred to use fork for her salad as compared to her seatmates Misses India and China who both are Asians.
They were divided into three groups. They played a game of picking up marshmallows with chopsticks.
Group two won the game. Each member of the group got a Yoshinoya mug.
The Yoshinoya staff and some bloggers were very happy to meet and interview the delegates of Miss Earth 2013. They were so nice and beautiful. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


Korea’s most recent controversial drama thriller, “Don’t Cry Mommy” unleashes a mother’s fury who seeks revenge for her daughter’s tragic death. Starring Yoo Sun as the mother named Yoo-lim whose only reason to live is her daughter who peacefully faces a new life after divorce. Nam Bo-ra takes on the role of her daughter Eun-ah, a teenage girl whose tragic experience with young love triggers her suicide.
Enrolled in a new school after her parents’ divorce, Eun-ah’s first experience in teenage romance turns into a nightmare as she becomes the victim of gang-rape perpetrated by those she knew in school that triggers her to take her own life. 
Directed by Kim Yong-Han from a screenplay by Lee Sang-Hyeon, the movie is based on various true accounts and tackles unapologetically the hidden problems in the nation.  The movie also stars U-Kiss’ pop icon Dong-Ho as Jo-han who preyed on the innocence of Eun-ha along with his friends Pak Joon (Kwan Hyun-Sang) and Min-gu (Lee Sang-Min).   
After all efforts failed to jail the minor perpetrators of Eun-ha’s death, Yoo-lim takes matters into her own hands even if it means breaking the law.  The movie was scripted with Yoo Sun in mind due to her remarkably strong portrayals in her previous films. “There are so many emotional scenes in the movie and sometimes, I would be filming emotional scenes all day long, until dawn.  It was very tiring but I had to keep myself emotionally charged for those scenes,” relates Yoo Sun. 
Nam Bo-ra who’s known in Korea for being a ‘proper-mannered’ celebrity shares, “The scenes I had to film after the tragic incident were particularly hard for me, as they required a lot of emotional acting.  But I’ve never personally experienced that kind of emotions, so I had to work hard in portraying those scenes.”
“Don’t Cry Mommy” will open on November 13 in local cinemas from Axinite Digicinema, Inc.