Thursday, March 22, 2012



Hey, there! Are you aware of the new hand and foot Spa in the neighborhood? 

"Enjoy the STAY, experience the GLOW" only at NAILS.Glow, your neighborhood hand and foot spa located at 18 Don Jose St., Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City, owned by the very amiable owner Tiffanie Cheng.

We get to experience first hand how it is to be pampered even just for an hour.
Foot Spa
I availed of foot spa and pedicure only because there's no more time because the staff are so busy with the other blogger's requests. This foot spa and pedicure service costs only P150.00.
I wanted then to experience the facial and the massage but there's no more time.  I actually spent more time waiting for my turn than the actual service but then again that's forgivable because there's so many of us. Plus the owner is so friendly and I actually saw her made coffee for one of the bloggers who visited her spa. Who could top that?

Anyway, I enjoyed the foot spa and the pedicure and will surely try that again another time. 

Imagine, at fraction of the cost, you get better service and better value for your hard-earned money.

Check them out @ the Northgate of Don Antonio Village where NAILS.Glow seeks to provide only the best in all its services, housed in a modern zen haven, promising a very relaxing and satisfying stay, all at very affordable and "pang-masa" rates!

If you will be commuting, just alight by the pedestrian overpass near Ever Gotesco, then cross via the pedestrian overpass and walk your way to the northgate of Don Antonio Villa. Voila! You'll see that signage at your right side.


Kyle Imao (fourth from left) was one of the those who did the ribbon cutting during the PIFBEX (Philippine International Food & Bevarage Expo) and HORECA (Hotel Restaurant and Caterer Expo).

It was March 1,2012, Kyle Imao, hailed as the first pinoy junior master chef, did the official ribbon cutting for PIFBEX AND HORECA along with the tradecon president Mildred Cabalyero and the distinguished  exhibitors. PIFBEX runs from March 1 to 4, 2012 at the PICC Forum 1-3, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City. 

For details, please contact 395-5009 or look for Janno Padilla or Roman 0929-7755658 at the media registration.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Opening Soon Fort Bonifacio underground passageway

Hear ye! Hear ye! Mark your calendar on March 22, 2012. This will be the date that an underground war tunnel in Fort Bonifacio will be reopened to tourism as a tribute to the many unsung heroes in the military.

Upon the initiative of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) the underground war tunnel in Fort Bonifacio will be transform into a heritage site to honor the sacrifices of the country’s long line of soldiers.

The underground passageway is located at the eastern area of what is now called Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, which used to be part of the sprawling Army base.

The tunnel used to be the main attraction of the old Philippine Army museum and library, which have since been relocated with the conversion of a sizable portion of the military camp into a business and residential district.

The tunnel’s reopening was timely since the Philippine Army would be celebrating its 115th founding anniversary on March 22.

According to acknowledged military historian retired Brigadier General Restituto Aguilar, the Fort Bonifacio Tunnel was constructed almost simultaneously with what was then called Fort McKinley (now known as Fort Bonifacio) in 1910. 

The camp’s construction took almost a decade.

Aguilar said the camp and its structures were built before Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s stint as field marshal of the Philippine Army, correcting the misconception that it was MacArthur who ordered the tunnel’s construction.

Aguilar said the tunnel served as the American colonial forces’ main supply depot during its battle with Filipino revolutionaries.

It was originally 2.24 kilometers long with 32 built-in chambers and two passable exits, one leading to Barangay (village) Pembo and the other to Barangay East Rembo.

At present a 730-meter-long segment of the tunnel remains intact, running under the C-5 Road with the opening near the Market! Market! commercial compound.