Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HITCHCOCK: Showing February 6, 2013

HITCHCOCK: Showing February 6, 2013

Wow this is cool. I am so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Behind every Psycho is a great woman. Do watch out for this international movie that will open on Feb.6, 2013 in local (Phils.) cinemas.

Monday, October 29, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal
I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal not only because of their high quality, fit and style but also because Wacoal educate women of all ages, ethnicity, sizes and shapes. Wacoal made me realize that each one of us, can also do something to lift, to smoothen and to tuck our body imperfections.

My body type is classified as petite. Before Wacoal, I usually wear a teenager's bra and panty because the undergarments at the women section are too big. But when I discovered Wacoal undergarments, I became a convert! Wacoal carefully studied women's body and made undergarments catering to each body type and needs. So, even at my age, Wacoal made sure I can still feel and look beautiful.

I wear a bra every day, so I know the importance of investing in quality. If a bra is not good enough, I know that I will not only look and feel bad, but I may also end up suffering from health problems like for example, regularly wearing bras that don’t offer me enough support can lead to back trouble. It is therefore very important to wear a good quality bra like Wacoal.

Wacoal tips:
  • f you are in your 20s, wear undergarments that emphasize the shape of your breasts, waists and hips.
  • If you are in your 30s, wear brassieres with underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric/bone.
  • If you are in your 40s, wear brassieres with wider straps and side panels to support breasts, shoulders and back.
Oh, this is very educational.This chart answered my million dollar questions which I kept to myself because I am so embarrass to ask all these questions at the back of my mind.

Wacoal undergarments are perfect for petite women like me.


I think TB 4386 is the perfect fit for my uniquely yet beautifully shaped body from Wacoal's collection. This bra model gives me a full support three-quarter cup bra with wide side panels and resin bone. Which perfectly matches TS 6286 a pair panty from Wacoal. Wacoal undergarments are really a good and practical investment.

Sunday, October 28, 2012



Be mesmerized and enchanted with Jayke Reyes singing voice. I was invited to Backroom talented singer Jayke Reyes' Blogger Conference at Sir Boy Republique. 

Boy, was I surprised with Jayke Reyes' vocal range when she sang live. I am pretty sure a lot of the bloggers present during the event became her instant fans.

A lot of people said that OPM is dying but with talented, young and pretty Filipinas like Jayke, I can say that OPM is alive.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

THE WOLVERINE: Live Chat on October 30, 2012.

THE WOLVERINE: Live Chat on October 30, 2012.
Join "The Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman and Director James Mangold in an exclusive live chat, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film, based on the celebrated comic book arc.

Hugh and James will be answering questions submitted by fans on Facebook and Twitter (#TheWolverineLive), along with an exclusive surprise or two.

Tune in October 29th at 1:00PM PT on: OR



Fans around the world are invited to tune-in and participate in a live chat with Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold from the set of The Wolverine in Sydney, Australia. 

This extraordinary event will take place on Monday, October 29th at 1:00 pm PT (Los Angeles time) / Tuesday, October 30th at 4:00am (Philippines) on YouTube at and the film’s official website at Marvel’s own Agent M will host and provide fans special access to this highly anticipated movie.

Hear the details directly from Hugh Jackman and James Mangold themselves in this exclusive video from the set:

Have questions about the The Wolverine’s epic story and thrilling action? Visit The Wolverine on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about this exciting opportunity and submit questions for the chance to have them presented to Jackman and Mangold.

Be sure to include #TheWolverineMovie when sending questions.

The live chat will be available across all The Wolverine, X-Men and Marvel social pages; additionally
Hugh Jackman and James Mangold will provide the chat directly to their fans.

Official Site:



Based on the celebrated comic book arc, “The Wolverine” is an epic action-adventure that takes Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), the most iconic character of the X-Men universe, to modern day Japan. Out of his depth in an unknown world he faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before.

“The Wolverine” opens in cinemas on JULY 25, 2013 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Chef’s Noodle holds special photo shoot featuring the Semerad twins and Down to Mars

Chef’s Noodle holds special photo shoot featuring the Semerad twins and Down to Mars

Having recently opened its first branch in the country, Chef’s Noodle is now excited to present another fun event for its fans which features two of its latest endorsers, the Semerad twins as well as the country’s first inter-pop music group, Down to Mars.

Sponsoring a special photo shoot featuring hardcourt hotties Anthony and David Semerad and fast-rising inter-pop group Down to Mars, Chef’s Noodle has exclusively invited bloggers for this unique event wherein Doc Marlon Pecjo is the featured photographer. The master lensman who has done countless editorial and advertising projects, did the Semerad twins and Down to Mars’ photo shoot last Thursday, October 25, 2012 at Elite Studio, 3rd floor, A. Venue Mall, in Makati Avenue, Makati City.

Being two of the most popular hardcourt celebrities right now, the Semerad twins make for exciting additions to Chef’s Noodle’s lineup of celebrity endorsers as well as the presence of the country’s first inter-pop group, Down to Mars, who, with their varied musical backgrounds and artistic influences have created a unique type of music that has created a buzz especially among the youth.

Already endorsed by celebrity chef Choi In Sun and model/host Grace Lee, Chef’s Noodle is the latest Korean franchise to have entered the local food industry and is already making a name for itself through its fast casual style, mouthwatering menu, and affordable price points.

Having already set up shop in University Mall along Taft Avenue, Chef’s Noodle offers a smorgasbord of Korean dishes that are sure to entice not just fans of K-pop and Korean cuisine in general, but anyone who can appreciate good food.

Treat your tummies and enjoy the true taste of Korea with these Chef’s Noodle specialties like the bibimbap (traditional Korean steamed rice with seasoned vegetables, beef, and egg), bulgogi leek jun (deep fried bacon sliced beef with leeks mixed with eggs and seasoned vegetables), the restaurant’s signature dish, Chef’s Noodle (Korean fresh noodles with beef and anchovy broth topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll and bulgogi), bulgogi leek kimbap (seaweed rice rolls with beef and leeks), curry dupbap (or Curry Donburi Warm rice topped with beef curry and seasoned vegetables), and many more! With prices set at P95 and up, sampling the Chef’s Noodle menu is sure to fit any budget.

Bring your friends and loved ones along and get to enjoy a delightful dining experience from one of Korea’s most popular restaurant chains!

Visit Chef’s Noodle’s branches at the 2nd floor of University Mall, Taft Avenue, Manila and at the ground floor of Atlanta Center, Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan. Call for Express Delivery: Manila - 7089520 / 4050129 San Juan - 2340266 / 2340840. For more on Chef's Noodle check out

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Television’s classic comedy act “The Three Stooges” will soon be seen on the big screen starring everybody’s beloved Glee Cheerios coach Jane Lynch. In the trio-tular character of Moe, Larry and Curly are Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso who were left on a nun’s doorstep and grew up secluded in the orphanage. Years later, the trio tries to help the orphanage when it is forced to lock doors due to financial difficulties. 
Jane Lynch portrays the orphanage’s Mother Superior who sees the troika as newborn angels from heaven and later employed the three as the foster home’s maintenance men. As they try and save the day, the three engage in plenty of their trademark antics out of their comfort zone to raise funds for the orphanage. 

Indeed, while the Stooges' antics are as outlandish and cartoonish as ever, the characters are, as Jane Lynch notes, "just the sweetest guys. They're buffoons and they make huge mistakes, but it always comes from the goodness of their hearts, even as they're poking each other in the eye." To Lynch's point, The Stooges are total innocents. The nuns raise them in a very sheltered manner. "So, they don't really have a concept of what's going on in the outside world," says Chris Diamantopoulos. "They are fish-out-of-water who have never seen the real world or been exposed to anything modern. The only thing they've known is the orphanage."

Apart from Lynch, the filmmakers surrounded the Stooges with an impressive ensemble, including Sofía Vergara,Jennifer Hudson, Craig Bierko – and Larry David…as a nun…named Sister Mary- Mengele.

"Sister Mary-Mengele. That name is what really attracted me to the role," offers David. "For years I said to myself, ‘if only I could play a character whose last name was Mengele. Or Goebbels.Or Goering. I’m a really authentic actor," David continues about his approach to playing outside his gender for the first time in his career. "I really researched it and I spoke with some nuns, and they told me that I couldn't really reveal what's on underneath the habit. They took me into their confidence."

The starring cast also includes Oscar®-and-Grammy® winning actress-singer Jennifer Hudson as the orphanage's resident singing nun, Sister Rosemary. "What I remember most about The Three Stooges growing up was hearing my mom speak of this classic show," Hudson says. "That was her favorite thing back in the day. She used to always tell me about it. That was one of the things that drew me to the part."

Emmy-nominated actress Sofía Vergara ("Modern Family") plays the film's femme fatale, Lydia, who tries to lure the Stooges into offing her innocent husband.Vergara, who relished playing the sultry villain, explains that the Stooges' appeal is universal, citing her own encounters with the phenomenon. "I think everybody at some point in their life watched The Three Stooges,” says Vergara.

“The Three Stooges” in cinemas on October 24 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

SHE'S ONLY SIXTEEN: Album Launching

SHE'S ONLY SIXTEEN: Album Launching

Have you met the Latest Crushes ng Bayan?

  • Roberto Sena - Vocals/Guitar 
  • Anjo SIlvoza - Bass 
  • Andrew Panopio - Guitar 
  • King Puentespina - Drums 
These talented kids from Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle University will soon rock the world of music! Abangan!
Roberto Sena love writing and making music. They were the newest alternative rock band joining the OPM industry.

Remember to like their Facebook page for news on songs, gigs  -

You can also follow She's Only Sixteen on Twitter: @dyingtotweetyou

Thursday, October 18, 2012

She’s Only Sixteen breaks into the OPM ground; releases debut EP

She’s Only Sixteen breaks into the OPM ground; releases debut EP

Alternative rock band She’s Only Sixteen has been creating buzz in the local music scene with the release of their self-titled debut EP, which contains four tracks and an acoustic version of their first single Dying To Meet You. The band, composed of Roberto Sena (lead vocals, guitar), Anjo Silvoza (bass), Andrew Panopio (guitar), and King Puentespina (drums), has been hailed by Status Magazine as one of the most promising local bands of today.
111 with logo
Credited for their youthful energy and refreshing compositions, She’s Only Sixteen has been making a name in the independent music scene. Roberto adds, “we base our roots and influences from musicians like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, MGMT, Radiohead, among others. ”
When asked about the band, the members quip, “She’s Only Sixteen is a mix of rock, pop, dance, folk, ear-grabbing hooks, good taste, bad jokes, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, debauchery, kalandian, deep commentary on love and life, and a load of class.”
She’s Only Sixteen is being managed by Orion Entertainment. For inquiries and bookings,
Please call 0916-4140358 or email

Follow She’s Only Sixteen:

On Twitter: @dyingtotweetyou

On Soundcloud: (where you will hear the demo recording of the single Dying To Meet You)

She’s Only Sixteen Media Conference is supported by LionhearTV, Pinoy Magazine, BANDS Mag and Centerstage KTV Tomas Morato.

Friday, October 5, 2012

JAMES MORRISON Live! In Manila:The Awakening World Tour

JAMES MORRISON Live! In Manila:The Awakening World Tour

A special evening is in store for Filipinos as the English singer-songwriter and guitarist JAMES MORRISON performs in Manila on October 9, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

JAMES MORRISON achieved worldwide success in 2006 with the release of his debut single “You Give Me Something.” His first album, Undiscovered under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines), debuted at the top of the UK Album Chart and sold millions of copies, making him the biggest-selling British male solo artist in 2006. The album, which also has the hit singles “Wonderful World,” and “The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore” won him a BRIT Award in 2007 for Best British Male Solo Artist.

JAMES MORRISON is currently touring to promote his album, The Awakening, released in September 2011 also under MCA Music. As the title of his third and by far best album suggests, The Awakening is the sound of an artist coming of age. In his personal life, Morrison has become a father, while losing his own father after the latter’s long battle with alcoholism and depression. At the same time, Morrison, 26, has matured as a singer, songwriter and musician, enabling him to channel all of that emotion into his most accomplished collection of songs yet. “My first two albums felt like practice shots,” he says, “and now I’ve graduated. In many ways this feels like my first proper album.” Fortunately, The Awakening has turned out to be the album that Morrison always had the potential to make – at last a worthy platform for his extraordinary singing voice. “This time I wasn’t worrying about success at all, and that’s why it was really enjoyable. I didn’t feel I had to go for the big, loud notes all the time – I just sat back and sang how I felt and it all just came flooding out.”

The Awakening is a warm, live-sounding collection of classic but contemporary folk-soul songs. There are musical similarities with Morrison’s debut, but with added panache and self-belief. There are soaring strings, uplifting harmonies, soulful ballads and, in Slave to the Music, a hand-clapping dance floor groover – a new string to his bow. There are nods to Motown, gospel, country and a hint of Latin. 

Technically, Morrison remains one of the finest white soul singers, equal parts Stevie Wonder and Paul Young. But he is more than just a Big Voice – he sings from the heart. “To me, pop music is just great music that lasts for years,” he says. “Though there is the other side of pop, which is where you have a hit, but then, after it comes out, it never gets heard again. I never wanted to make that sort of music.”

JAMES MORRISON’s albums are out now in CDs exclusively under MCA Music available at Astroplus and Odyssey Music and Video or online via iTunes and

Catch James Morrison Live! in Manila on October 9, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are available at Ticketnet outlets (911-5555) or the Ticketnet Website Ticket prices are at: Patron VIP 4770, Patron Regular 3710, Lower Box VIP 3710, Lower Box Regular 3180, Upper Box A 1910 and Upper Box B 850.


“JAMES MORRISON Live! In Manila: The Awakening Tour” is brought to you by Midas Promotions, Dayly Entertainment and Karpos Multimedia. Co-Presented by Jack TV and ETC. Official Residence: EDSA Shangri-La Manila. Media Partners: ABS-CBN, MYX, RX 93.1, Mellow 94.7, 95.5 Pinas FM, 96.3 Easy Rock, Business World, Philippine Daily Inquirer,,,,, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts,,, and Special thanks to: MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines), Astroplus and Odyssey Music & Video.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ALDEN RICHARDS: Shares His Fitness Routine

ALDEN RICHARDS: Shares His Fitness Routine

GMA Artist Center talent Alden Richards is committed, passionate, and disciplined in anything that he does. It not only shows through his breakthrough roles and performances, but in every aspect of his life.

I was one of the bloggers who were invited  to see how Alden Richards did his work-out and rigorous training before joining the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. 
Born in Sta. Rosa, Laguna on January 3, 1993, Richard Faulkerson, Jr. better known as Alden Richards from Alakdana, Tween Hearts and the recently concluded teleserye One True Love and the movie The Road. He entered the local show business primarily to grant his mother wish when she was still alive, to see Richard in the big screen and in television tube.
This is the first time that I personally met Alden Richards. My impression: Alden Richards is very approachable, handsome, courteous, down-to-earth in person. Truly what every mother would wish for a son. 

Being one of hottest young bachelors out there, it was only natural that he got invited to strut his stuff at the recently held Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. But along with his boyish good looks came a lot of hard work and preparation.

Many people and fans has this wrong notion that this hunk from the Cosmo Bachelor Bash  just stand up and instantly got those muscles and sexy body. Alden Richards achieved this great looking bodies through hard work, proper diet and lots of work-out. 

Despite his hectic showbiz schedule Alden Richards readily demonstrated his fitness routine during our meet-up with the young hunk actor and his gym instructor, James de Leon of Gold’s Gym.

Alden Richards Shares His Fitness Routine before joining the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

Physically, his aim was to be the best-looking Alden Richards his fans could be truly proud of. His trainer’s goal for him was to lose excess fat, beef up his upper body, and maintain good posture. This was achieved through a rigorous daily routine of 15-20 minutes of jumping rope as often as he can, even in-between taping schedules.

Aside from that, he made sure to incorporate 20-30 minutes of running in his routine for additional cardio. To develop core strength and fitness, Alden supplemented his workout routine with abdominal exercises. This includes 20-30 reps of hanging leg raises, abdominal rollers, ball crunches, planks, pikes and side bends.

Months prior to the event, his personal trainer and nutritionist limited Alden Richards to a calorie intake of only 3,100 kCal per day. This meant that he had to eat 5-6 small meals per day, spread out over 2-3 hour intervals. This diet was not only about losing weight but also being healthy. A complete balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and fiber was recommended, while at the same time avoiding soda, ice tea, and salty chips. This diet also required him to stay hydrated throughout the day. But to make things fun, he was allowed one “cheat day” to eat anything he wanted. Because he wanted to stick to his new lifestyle, he made a conscious effort to stick to only one cheat day per week. This was quite a sacrifice for the young actor, but he discovered that it was well worth it when droves of fans cheered for him at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

The bloggers were given a glimpse of Alden Richards work-out.

Catch more of Alden Richards in GMA’s upcoming teleseryes, Party Pilipinas and follow his tweets @aldenrichards02.

Alden Richards fitness routine demonstration was held at Gold’s Gym Timog, Quezon City. Alden Richards is a member of Gold’s Gym and works out at  Gold's Gym Ayala Alabang branch.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The Three Stooges debuted on the big screen in the 1930 black-and-white feature, "Soup to Nuts," in which they appeared opposite veteran vaudevillian Ted Healy (1896-1937). It was Healy who accidentally discovered the Howard brothers (Moses and Samuel Horwitz, nicknamed, respectively, Moe and Shemp) during a 1922 stage performance in Brooklyn (the third member, Larry Fine, whose birthname was Louis Feinberg, came into the fold in 1925). Initially billed as "Ted Healy and His Stooges," the concept had the trio (Moe, Larry and Shemp) act as foils, or "stooges" to Healy's jokes. It may have been Healy telling the jokes, but The Stooges were getting all the laughs.
With the renewed popularity of the comedy trio in syndicated television in recent years, it made sense to revive the franchise in a brand new motion picture.

In “The Three Stooges” movie, the trio - Larry, Moe and Curly are introduced as three orphans dropped on the doorstep of an orphanage, ultimately raised by nuns in a very sheltered manner. The only pop culture references they have is from the very limited amount of television they’ve seen, so they don’t really have a concept of what’s going on in the outside world and they stay childlike because they are with children. They’re the ones that don’t get adopted year after year, but then they have to save the orphanage from being shut down. That’s when they’re released into the world, and of course the world colliding with these three nitwits is where the hilarity ensues.

Get to know the leader of the iconic hilarious trio in the following q&a with Chris Diamantopoulos who plays Mo in the movie.

Q: Are you able to do things with these characters that the original Stooges couldn’t?

A: What’s cool is the three guys never really got a chance to show everything that they could do. They were limited by the budgets, by the studios, even by the era, so they had to do what they had to do. There was tremendous talent within the three of them and it’s kind of great that we’re getting a chance to honor and humanize them.

Q: Mo’s pudding bowl haircut was especially iconic: it looks like they’ve done a great job in recreating his look.

A: Actually a lot of people I speak to assume that Mo’s hair was a wig, but the story behind Mo’s hair is awesome. When he was a little kid he had this really thick, luscious, curly head of hair and the kids at school made fun of him until he couldn’t take it anymore. One day he went to a friend’s house after school, pushed his hair forward and took huge shears and just cut all the way around. He was afraid to go home because he thought his mom and dad were going to punish him and ultimately his mom said to him, ‘I’m glad you did it. I didn’t have the heart to do it.’ And thus a comedy legend was born.

Q: Did you do the same kind of slapstick and did you do your own stunts?

A: Yeah - we should get those t-shirts that say, ‘I do my own stunts.’ We actually did a great deal of them. There are a lot of physical stunts in terms of hitting and slapping and poking and punching and kicking and pulling - I broke my finger poking Curly in the eye! We’ve bruised our jaws, hurt our elbows... it could have been really bad actually.

Q: How are you coping with all the slapping?

A: I finally realized how hard it hurts! Our ears were red - they were ringing. We realized early on that there was no way to keep the intensity and emotion behind the physical stuff without actually going for it.

Q: Do you see this as the beginning of a franchise?

A: That would be awesome. I started watching The Stooges religiously and obsessively when I was probably about four or five years old till around the age of 18. I loved them so very much when I was a kid, and when I heard about this film ten years ago I was dubious, as I’m sure many people still are.

Diamantopoulos was destined to play the intolerant leader of the comedy trio -- he was born four days after the death of Moe Howard (May 4, 1975). He split his childhood between Canada and Greece (Greek is his first language), began appearing in Canadian TV commercials at age nine.

Following his secondary schooling, he left home to perform in a series of U.S. national tours. He received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Che Guevara in Pittsburgh CLO's 2000 production of "Evita." A year later, he debuted on Broadway as Ethan Girard in the popular Tony-nominated musical, "The Full Monty." He has also essayed the role of Marius in the long-running musical "Les Miserables," and most recently starred opposite wife Becki Newton in Jerry Zaks' Encore!presentation of the Gershwin musical, "Girl Crazy" at New York's famed City Center Theater.

On the small screen, Diamantopoulos is well-known for several diverse character portrayals –"The Starter Wife," "The Kennedys," "24," and in "Behind The Camera: Mork & Mindy." Diamantopoulos made his film debut in the starring role of the 2000 drama, "The Adulterer," and includes among his feature credits "Drop Dead Roses," "Into The Fire," "Wedding Daze," "Three Days To Vegas," and "Under New Management."

 “The Three Stooges” opens October 24 in cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.