Thursday, February 27, 2014


UNO Magazine puts Dawn Jimenez on the cover
Here at UNO, we know men. We really do. And we know that if you have someone as hot and delectable as Dawn Jimenez waiting for you at home or in the office, you'd be hard-pressed to leave either place, right? 

Or, because you know where to find her, you'd try to catch her again in her break-out role during THE climactic scene in On The Job, a movie about prisoners exiting prison to become hired hit men for corrupt government officials. Dawn surprised everyone as she took everything off for her wild love scene with Gerald Anderson, whose character didn't get any action for several months. Everything. She didn't even leave the cover on. 

Her willingness to be daring however paid off, as Dawn scored her first cover for UNO and an upcoming role in the ABS-CBN afternoon teleserye Moon of Desire. 

For UNO's 92 issue, she gets down, dirty and simply delicious for her cover shoot. Donning the teensiest red and black lace lingerie, Dawn nibbles ever so gently or sometimes fiercely on a luscious piece of chocolate in the photos. 

She reveals her thoughts on nabbing the role in OTJ and her excitement at being in a new afternoon teleserye with JC De Vera, Meg Imperial and Ellen Adarna. 

She wasn't afraid to get all wet and lathered in chocolate for this UNO cover either. Dawn, with a sweet smile that could melt the hardest heart or chocolate, is actually a lover of zombie movies, even the low-budget ones, a fact that will surely get many a guy's attention. 

Well, if the first few pages of Dawn's body in chocolate, with chocolate, on chocolate still didn't get your heart pumping (you must be cold-blooded then), perhaps the last spread will get a rise out of you.

Dawn. Chocolate spread ever so messily all over her body. And finger-licking. That should be enough right?

Well, this 92nd UNO issue also has some other articles that will get you excited and blood flowing to other parts of your body.

Like the Places to Dayo For, a food feature that takes you to different kinds of hole-in-the-wall restos from North, South to Central Metro Manila. If you are still hungry after this feature, you can go back for some more Dawn.

Or you can impress your girl with your vast knowledge of wines, especially if all you've been drinking all your life is beer. Your wine expertise is sure to get your girl excited and more...fluid.

And we didn't forget to include a feature in this issue for that other part of you that also does some thinking...your brain. Atom Araullo, the big shot broadcast journalist gets intimate and shares about his rise to fame and how this alpha male manages it all: work, fame, and love.

So go ahead, feel free to grab UNO's 92 issue. Everyone deserves a bite of chocolate-y happiness.

UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

Monday, February 17, 2014


                Meet Rudy (played by the charming Nico Liersche) in the very endearing “The Book Thief,” every mom’s ideal kind of friend to her very precious daughter.  
                The story and its characters sprang from the imagination of author Markus Zusak whose novel The Book Thief was published in his native Australia in 2005 and throughout the rest of the world in 2006.  The book has sold eight million copies worldwide, held a place on The New York Times best-seller list for almost seven years and has been translated into over 30 languages.  Additionally, it has won over a dozen literary awards, held the number-one position at, and appeared on numerous best-of-the-year lists.
                Zusak’sbook and director Brian Percival’s (“DowntonAbbey”) film adaptation tell the story of Liesel (Sophie Nélisse), who is sent to live with foster parents, the kind-hearted Hans Hubermann (Geoffrey Rush) and his prickly wife Rosa (Emily Watson).  Reeling from the tragic death of her younger brother, Liesel is sent immediately to her new “parents” and struggles to fit in – at home and at school, where her classmates taunt her as “dummkopf” due to her inability to read.
                With the single-minded obsession of a budding scholar, Liesel is determined to change that.  And she gets help. Her empathetic “Papa,” Hans (played by Geoffrey Rush) works day and night with Liesel as she pores over her first tome, “The Gravedigger’s Handbook,” which she walked off with following her brother’s funeral – an impulsive act of thievery that will have profound consequences for the young heroine.
                Liesel’s love for reading and her growing appreciation for her new family are heightened when she befriends a new guest in the Hubermann’s home – a Jewish refugee named Max (Ben Schnetzer), who shares her passion for books and encourages Liesel to expand her powers of observation, even as he hides from the Nazis in a dark and dank basement.   Equally transformative is her burgeoning friendship with a young neighbor, Rudy who teases Liesel about her book thievery even as he finds himself falling in love with her.
                Rudy is a major transformative figure in Liesel’s journey with her exponentially growing love of books and the power beyond words.  Liesel and Rudy become fast friends and do everything together, including stealing (“borrowing,” Liesel insists) books.  In fact, it is Rudy who nicknames Liesel, “The Book Thief.” 
                While Liesel’s passion is books, Rudy dreams of being a champion racer.  His idol is African-American Olympic hero Jesse Owens, who achieved international fame by winning four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  Rudy even goes so far as to cover himself with black paint (which he stole from Hans’ work cart), in honor of his idol – a choice that’s none too popular with a town being consumed with the doctrine of Aryan supremacy.
                Young German actor Nico Liersch describes Rudy as, “always happy, nice to everyone, and never sad,” and that description fits also the actor who plays him.  Sophie and Nico became close friends during production – though Sophie would squeal with laughter through almost every take while shooting scenes where Rudy tries to kiss Liesel – much to the crew’s amusement.
                Nico Liersch began his acting career in TV commercials.  Roles in German television followed and, in 2012, he made his feature film debut in “Kokowääh2,” appearing with Til Schweiger, who also directed, and Schweiger’s daughter Emma Tiger Schweiger.  It was Germany's biggest movie that year at the box office. Liersch lives with his parents and sister in Munich where he attends secondary school.  He enjoys playing handball and tennis, and snowboarding.  He loves music and is learning to play the drums.   
                Relive young love, first love in “The Book Thief” when it opens February 19 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Bauch Phils. Laboratories Corporation strengthens its commitment in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry with the launch of its flagship product, Blooming G, a nutraceutical and organic supplement developed to deliver a host of wellness and beautifying benefits for today’s active women.  

Blooming-G taps the wonders of Borage oil, a type of essential fatty acid that contains high amounts of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), also known as omega-6. Borage or starflower has a high stem with oval shaped leafs pointed upwards, and small bright blue or pink flowers with five triangular petals, arranged in the shape of a star. Its extraordinary oil, which comes from its seeds, contains a significant amount of omega-6 fatty acids that promotes overall body wellness. 

But how does GLA or omega-6 really bring out the healthy glow from within? Basically, it plays a significant role in the development of skin cells. For the body to naturally produce this substance, first it must have linoleic acid (LA), an essential fatty acid that our body is unable to make.  However, we can get plenty of linoleic acid in our daily diet since it is commonly found in various vegetable oils.  

Once linoleic acid is ingested, it is acted upon by an enzyme called Delta-6- Desaturase (D6D) which converts LA into GLA. This is how we normally get our daily fix of GLA. Consequently, a lack of this substance leads to dry, unhealthy skin. This is where Blooming-G comes in. It targets to retain adequate moisture levels and also protects skin cells from damage.  

Alongside these crucial effects on the skin, are other health benefits of omega-6 in combination with omega-3 fatty acids, such as brain development, strong bone structure, and active metabolism. With these benefits, Blooming-G truly goes beyond the concept of superficial beauty by focusing on overall vitality.  

A living proof of Blooming-G’s total effect is brand endorser, Sunshine Cruz, who lives up to her name by constantly showing such outstanding radiance. A mother of three who works in the demanding world of show business, Sunshine has successfully maintained the physical assets that initially elevated her to stardom: long, vibrant locks, slender figure, flawless skin, sculpted cheeks, Julia Roberts smile, and notably flawless skin. Her secret? Knowing how to manage stress. “Stress causes unhealthy lifestyle, and it will make you age fast. So I really need something to help me maintain that natural glow, like Blooming-G”, she adds.                
On the other hand, Florinda San Antonio, founder of Bauch Laboratories, underlines the effects of Blooming-G, not only on physical wellness, but on a holistic approach as she explains, “Blooming-G is developed to help today’s women live happier, more meaningful lives through its health and beauty benefits. When a woman feels good about herself, she gains the confidence to do more and standout. That is our goal; to improve the quality of life through products that are trustworthy”.  

A company that was established in 2005, under ANFLO Group of Companies, Bauch Laboratories is primarily engaged in manufacturing ethical, consumer, and nutraceutical products. Along with the corporate goals of providing the best quality products and maintaining a family-oriented organization, is Bauch’s enthusiasm towards environmental preservation.  

With this in mind, it is no longer surprising how the company was able to utilize natural substances instead of using chemicals that will further harm the ecosystem, thus the birth of Blooming-G. 

There may be a lot of supplements that aim to revitalize the mind and body, but there are only a few of them that dare to keep it organic. This is indeed the season to bloom, and Bauch helps today’s active women achieve that healthy glow through the beautifying power of nature.  

About Bauch


Bauch Laboratories Corporation intends to build and prosper their business and its society through sustainability and satisfying the customers beyond their expectations through customer-driven standards and solutions, as well as establishing collaborative relationship with suppliers.

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Monday, February 3, 2014


In keeping with tradition, Manila Hotel welcomed the Year of the Wooden Horse with a grand festivity for luck and prosperity.
Dragon Dances and Special involvement by International Feng Shui Expert Geomancer Joseph Chau Kam Shing (popularly known as Master Chau), marked the Chinese New Year celebration at the Manila Hotel.