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Who is Diana Stalder?
Diana Stalder is the teenage daughter of Ms. Dina Stalder. They name the brand after her.
Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter by Dermaline, Inc. is the nation's pioneer in Facial and Skin Care Centers. Started in 1996, a member of the Swisse-Phil Holdings Corporation, Diana Stalder currently has 25 branches and counting, all strategically located nationwide: seven corporate and 18 franchise branches. Diana Stalder also exports to countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangladesh, and South Korea.
 Recently awarded as Consumer's Choice 2010 Outstanding Surgical & Skin Care Center and finalist in the 2007 Most Promising Filipino Franchise, Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter is member of two well-respected international affiliations, the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) and the International Medical Spa Association.
 While its services are DOH associated and conform to the highest international quality standards, the Diana Stalder Professional Skincare products are:

- Manufactured by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified plant (Stalder Laboratories, Inc.)

- BFAD approved
- Iin compliance with ASEAN Harmonization for cosmetic regulations

It also passed clinical trials conducted by a legitimate third party and is well endorsed by innovators in the field of dermatology and cosmetic sciences.

Every element of the Diana Stalder experience has been chosen with great care: from the intensive training of our skin care practitioners to the highest degree of hygiene and safety with the best medical care and supervision of our in-house licensed dermatologist. Every procedure is safe and gentle. Every Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter by Dermaline Inc., that opens across the country comes with the promise of replicating the same high standards of quality.

Diana Stalder's product lines was developed through careful scientific research and study, and the company also claims that all of their products contain high-quality ingredients.

Diana Stalder develops and manufactures the most powerful, strongest and effective skin whitening products. Not only the formula meant to be effective, but also safe for everyday use. Though the idea was simple enough, the research and development to create such products is a very extensive process. Every possible factors and expectations of their customers were considered when creating the Diana Stalder products. After a few years worth of research, the company has finally created a full line of effective and affordable skin care line that consists of skin whitening, bleaching and lightening products.

The ingredients of a Diana Stalder product go through series of clinical studies to find out if it's safe enough to be used for everyday consumption unlike ingredients from Asian countries. This assures you that all Diana Stalder products are safe for your skin and wouldn't cause harmful effects.

As of February 10, 2012, all Diana Stalder products are now Halal Certified. 

Diana Stalder started this Filipino-Swiss owned company as a business entrepreneur in the line of dermatological and beauty products. It started in 1996 in Makati City, Philippines and has grown into several branches nationwide which provides the most sophisticated technology in health and beauty care. The staff and beauty therapists are well-equipped and are given continuous up-to-date trainings to give excellent services and maximum satisfaction to its clients.

Diana Stalder Philippines is proud to provide BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), standard of professional services which observes the strict implementation of hygienic standards and procedures. Its line of products include: Soap, Facial Toner, Cremes and Lotions, Feminine and Masculine Wash, Deodorant, Hand Gel, Shampoo and other Hair Care Products.

Diana Stalder's vision is to become the first Filipino-owned company that locally manufactures and globally distributes Skin Care, beauty and personal hygiene products that has high ethical standards parallel to the global market. Diana Stalder is committed to build a name in the business industry through integrity, team work, customer service and pursuit of excellence.

Diana Stalder Inc. in the Philippines is NOT IN ANY WAY affiliated with other namesake companies abroad. All its skin care products are manufactured and shipped from the Philippines.

 Diana Stalder is able to gain the trust and confidence of its clients including well-known dermatologists, surgeons and general practitioners. Accordingly, it supplies skin care products to almost 85% of all Philippine dermatologists, and privately labels them as requested.
 Diana Stalder offers Stem Cell  facial services.

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