Sunday, July 8, 2012

Win a MacBook at Lenddo Fun Facebook Games

Have you played Lenddo's Friend-O-Meter game just yet? Click on the tab below and start playing--you can win great prizes, like MacBook Air!

But first let me introduce Lenddo to you!
Lenddo is a unique concept. Conceptualize as one of the world's first online community that empowers members to use their online social networks to prove trustworthiness and access financial services.

Lenddo's mission is to help create an economically empowered and thriving middle class in developing countries around the world. To accomplish this, Lenddo built the world’s first online platform that empowers members to use their online social connections to build their creditworthiness and access local financial services. 

Lenddo is currently providing loans to members in Colombia and the Philippines.        
Lenddo recently launched a fun Facebook game to promote the awareness of how important trusted communities are and make people think about these connections.

Lenddo’s Friend-O-Meter asks players to rank their friends trustworthiness against a range of simple questions, such as “Who would you trust most to look after your pet whilst you go on vacation”.
For each question that someone votes on, the player is entered into a Raffle where they can win either one of the following:
  • Grand prizes of a MacBook Air
  •  32-inch LCD TV
  •  and a digital camera and weekly prizes of iPod Shuffles
“We are trying to find new fun and engaging ways to educate Filipino’s about the importance of Creditworthiness. In the past, it was done face to face in the local barangays but now so many people are online, their online family, friends and co-workers are acting in the same way” - quips Richard Eldridge, Lenddo co-founder and CEO for Asia Pacific.

Erika Aquino, community development director of Lenddo explains, “Since we started in 2011, tens of thousands of Filipinos have vouched for their family and friends on and allowed them access to life improving loans. We feel it is critical that all Filipinos understand how important these trusted relationships can be for their future.”

Lenddo currently operates in the Philippines and Colombia, providing free financial education, empowering their members to build their creditworthiness and access life improving loans.
For more information about Lenddo and the Friend-O-Meter application, please visit


For more information, please visit

Raffle DTI-NCR Permit No 3955 Series of 2012.


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