Friday, May 25, 2012

RADIO REPUBLIC: A Tour to Remember

RADIO REPUBLIC: A Tour to Remember

I was invited by Adrian for a blogger's tour to the newest Radio on line together with nine other bloggers. Unfortunately no one showed up at the station except me. As much as possible I really honor my commitment to friends who extend invitations.

It was my first time to be invited to a radio online. I don't know what to expect, this is a pretty new concept for me. I love music but I am more into R&B and OPM. So, I am so curious what Radio Republic has in store for Pinoys.

A security guard let me sign my details at the gate then pointed me to the edifice on the right side of the lot.

After a short walk, I waited for the door of Radio Republic to be opened, I think there was confusion as to who am I because they did not let me in right away. So, I just stand there by the door and wait. Then after a while they finally buzz me in. 

I finally met Adrian Lontok and his Tokayo Adrian Arcega, the content manager and gatekeeper of Radio Republic. They then introduced me to the team. The Visionary Twinky D. Lagdameo, Chief of Strategy and Business Development, Karen Vizcarra, Head Writer, Zach Lucero, Programming Director.

Adrian then toured me to the DJ's booth and to their mini studio. Radio Republic guest for that night is Noel Cabangon. He is amazing! Pure talent indeed!

Unfortunately all the pictures that I took that night was in my SD Card that I cannot open :-( because it can't be read by my pc.

Thank you everyone for the tour. Maybe I ought to visit your station again so I can take photos. What do you think guys?


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