Thursday, February 23, 2012

What the heck is that? Fila Skele-toes

Fila Skeletoes are the new hottest barefoot running shoes to hit the market today. They were designed as a minimalist shoes with a hint of barefoot feel. I love how fila designed there new shoe, the Polyurethane design makes it very light and very water resistant. Many people wear them as water shoes.

Fila skeletoes are the newest four toe shoes on the block. 
Fila skeletoes are advertise as a activity shoe suggested for activities like biking, boating, swimming, and walking.
Bianca Araneta and husband with Miss Chris Albert during Fila's launch @ the Manila Polo Club.

Fila Skeletoes Pros

  • unique stlye aka look awesome ( 5 toe shoes that is)
  • trains your body to support a barefoot stlye running and walking (no heel striking)
  • the straps are really easy to use and the shoes fit very well
  • affordable price
  • built well with wear in mind

Fila Skeletoes Cons

  • Not enough colors, vibrams has them beat 10 fold on this. Which sucks cause I like my skeletoes more.
  • Requires washing from time to time, can use toe socks which prevents a majority of the sweat problem but still requires washing. ** Tip ** I find it easy to just run them thru the dish washer, I have a low temp setting works charms. Make sure you dont use the heated drying cycle.
  • No half sizes.


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